Mistakes or Learning

I’ve been making mistakes if I don’t learn from it. If I learn and take really effort to learn from something that didn’t work out, we’ll I’m still learning and have not failed yet

I have been extremely scared to commit mistakes and That has been a Big mistake. How do I know what I know if I don’t know what I don’t know without trying ? Think about it. There is no other better way to know that trying to know. So try fearless and consistently with a string personal belief that it will work out someday some way.

Personally u can believe anything and think anything - nobody can stop u. Take complete responsibility of this life your own life as u will not like someone else dictating u to live. Be your own master - choose and decide and be happy.

Today I came across a very badly behaved person shouting for his own mistake and taking complete liberty to anise as well. What do u think I should do here? Felt like giving him a good lesson but my father controlled me. When decisions are contextual and nothing good or bad why do we refrain from doing from what we want